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British Uselesscom

Note: This entry has been restored from old archives.

BT, oh BT! I called them today, after three redirects to the “right department” the fourth person was able to tell me they have no record me trying to cancel two accounts a month ago. I have arranged cancellation again, effective from today. They said final bills will be in the mail shortly.

We’ll see…

Every time I try to get something done with these morons it’s the same damn story. They have no record of previous attempts, the reference numbers I have are meaningless, let’s try it again. Another near-hour of my life consumed by BT!

An attempt to have the lines redirected early in the year was aborted after five calls, several “reference numbers” (one of which I was assured couldn’t possibly be a BT reference number), and almost a full day’s worth of hours. I think I ranted about that at the time.

I don’t understand how a company can be so completely incompetent? It is beyond belief. The individuals I speak to on the phone all seem very friendly and helpful (and often apologetic), I’m always assured that it has been looked after and given one or more reference numbers. Then, it is as if it never happened. Thi is their business service.

Alas, my BT shenanigans are not over for the day. Now I have another account to try and track down, this time Openzone, who’re sending wireless roaming bills to who-knows-where while charging me late fees and not accepting calls. What’s more, the support number listed on their website is a toll-number! Utter bastards! (Yay for SayNoTo0870.com.)

Flashy Shite

Note: This entry has been restored from old archives.

For a long time the good old Flashplayer plugin for Mozilla/Firefox has served me well, but don’t get me wrong: I hate flash as much as the next hippy. Recently I have found that more and more flash doesn’t work, it kind of works but important elements such as text are missing. The other thing that has pissed me off no end is all these sites that have embedded audio using flash and flash somehow bypasses the normal Linux volume control so I have to reach to the speakers to adjust the volume.

A solution to my flashy woes has been found though, the monkeys over at Adobe have a beta of Flash Player 9 for Linux. Better evil proprietary Internet for my browser, yay!

I do so wish the world would get over the stinking pile of turd that is “flash”, but with the current population explosion of horrid flash video and audio I doubt we’ll ever see the end of it.

ChronoPay and/or AllOfMP3 Suck

Note: This entry has been restored from old archives.

Beware of ChronoPay or maybe AllOfMP3! One of them is either a seller of email addresses or a leaker of email addresses; the latter is almost as bad as the former in my books.

When I sign up for a service online they always get their own unique email address, all of a sudden I have been getting vast amounts of porn-spam to the the very unique mail address given to them: allofmp3·chronopay·com@malignity·net. This is a pretty huge finger pointing in their general direction, but which one is the ultimate culprit? I have given other email addresses to AllOfMP3.com and so far never had any spam from them… There’s some online fuss about this I notice now and ChronoPay are apparently blaming AllOfMP3, which wouldn’t be a terrible surprise.

So, unless you’re actually interested in gems like “Shockingg Fa_rrm p00rn baanned in 51 states!” or “Illlegal and weiird familyy gangbangg <$rword#>” I suggest you remember to be wary of where you stick your favourite email address, one of these companies begets the evil of spam and we’ll probably never find out exactly which one was responsible. Intuition would point the finger at “dodgey Russians”, as it stands however I doubt that either company was consciously responsible. I expect this is a data leak, be it a security breach or an employee after an extra buck, either company could easily be the source.

One further reason why owning your own domain names and thus having “disposable email addresses” is very useful. One email address for people you know and trust and infinite others for the rest of world, which you do not trust unless you’re rather foolish.

Stats: In a 45 hour period (length of my current mail.log) the allofmp3.chronopay address has been hit with 132 spam emails – needless to say this email address is now rejected at SMTP level.

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