Flashy Shite

Note: This entry has been restored from old archives.

For a long time the good old Flashplayer plugin for Mozilla/Firefox has served me well, but don’t get me wrong: I hate flash as much as the next hippy. Recently I have found that more and more flash doesn’t work, it kind of works but important elements such as text are missing. The other thing that has pissed me off no end is all these sites that have embedded audio using flash and flash somehow bypasses the normal Linux volume control so I have to reach to the speakers to adjust the volume.

A solution to my flashy woes has been found though, the monkeys over at Adobe have a beta of Flash Player 9 for Linux. Better evil proprietary Internet for my browser, yay!

I do so wish the world would get over the stinking pile of turd that is “flash”, but with the current population explosion of horrid flash video and audio I doubt we’ll ever see the end of it.