What do you get when you mix together failure to implement a reasonable backup scheme, hard-drive failure, and “oh, I thought it was supposed to be RAID-1”? A right pain in the bloody arse!

Gradually putting things back together – starting with the ale.gd site. I do have copies of all the entries I’ve written but they’re in a funny old format. I’m not using blosxom any more, I’d made a lot of customisations to the code and it seems I’ve lost half of them! So, trying wordpress – reluctantly. It has the advantage that it “just works”, a bonus as I don’t have much time for personal hacking. Sadly I also seem to have lost the photo album content. Not the actual photos, I have all of them backed up, but I’ve lost the commentary I’d added to the albums.

Ah – think of it like a house fire. It feels a bit like that. In fact, as far as personal data goes an actual house-fire would probably have been less damaging!