Accellerated Perl

Note: This entry has been restored from old archives.

Hardware accelleration from perl! Argh, don’t tell the sales guys. Played with SWIG today, which I have done before in darker days, it easier to get working than I recall. Though I haven’t found a good reference for hooking it into an automake system, most people seem to use it with Makefile.PL stuff and the two automake examples I found were both autotools shells around Makefile.PL build setups. It is a simple enough process, so I guess I’ll do this one from scratch.

Today at lunchtime I wandered into town to buy an umbrella, I decided I was probably going to need one and better get one soon. Halfway there I got well and truely rained on, no shelter in sight. Just one of those funny things… I do have an umbrella now though.

I also tried to get some photos of my little Aphrodite printed, out of three photo places only one could deal with USB… but there USB port was broken today. Broken? How do you break a USB port exactly? Anyway, no photos for me today. Next time I’ll go armed with a CD and also a SD card, damn hippies.