Note: This entry has been restored from old archives.

I enquired about the availability of plots in the allotments around the back. Apparently there is a 29-long waiting list. The allotment only has 27 plots. That must add up to quite a wait! A pity, as the allotments are all of a 1-minute walk away. I’ve followed up by asking about the Old Hale Way allotments in the north of Hitchin. Will be interesting to see what the waiting list there is like. It is a much larger site with 141 plots. Unfortunately it is probably a 20 minute, or more, walk disant.

There’s a funny coincidence in the name. My final highschool was Hale, in Perth, and that makes me, I suppose, an Old Haleian. Speaking of Old Haleians, people in the family may be interested in a Dec08 news item about Bruce Bennett.

Anyway, might just have to do what I can with the tiny patch of shady mud in the back yard again this year.

Feeling tired after spending several hours assembling Ikea furniture. My sister flies in on Saturday and will be staying for a while, so we got some new furniture. It showed up today, a load of flat-packs. Just in time too.

Kat and I took the day off, Friday and Monday as well. An extra-long-weekend of our own making so we can Get Some Stuff Done(TM). I have a shopping list as long as my arm, and a TODO list that is even longer.

Anyway, up early tomorrow so I can fit in drinking espressi before picking up a hire car for the weekend. It is nice to have a car once in a while.

Got the Whole Process Wrong?

Note: This entry has been restored from old archives.

I have to wonder, sitting down just now, at practically 19:00 on a Sunday, to relax somewhat for the first time this weekend, if I have got something terribly wrong here. I cannot stop, any moment not spent doing is a moment wasted. Even my relaxation now is limited. I do find writing this note quite relaxing, but I have a stew on the stove and work, of a sort, that must be done before dinner – lest I let people down, which is the sinniest of sins.

Today’s horridness starts at about 10:30, because that’s the appallingly late time that this lazy monkey got out of bed. The weekend alarm is supposed to be for 08:00, dammit, isn’t that lazy enough already? (My weekdays start at 05:30, so 08:00 is pretty damn generous.) 2.5 hours wasted from the outset. After cooking breakfast, cleaning up, and heading out, I should not have sat down for 30 minutes to have coffee. Sins upon sins.

We inspected some furniture, since we generally lack in this department and my sister is moving in in a couple of weeks. Would be nice if she didn’t have to live out of a suitcase. Then, not immediately fulfilled in the wardrobe department, we did some minimal grocery shopping.

Once home, and it is about 14:00 by now (where does the time go,) it was time to cook. Soup first, a beetroot and celeriac job spiced with cinnamon, juniper, bay and a bit of cayenne. Steak and kidney hotpot next, kidneys are a bloody bugger to prepare. Suddenly it is 17:00 and time to clean. Dishes, and sweeping, and mopping, sigh, oh my.

Quarter to seven and I’m sitting in this chair, writing this text, a little exhausted already.

Now I have a website to create!

How do people do it? As introduced: what’s wrong? Should I not cook, succumb to the soporific monotony of shop-bought meals and soups? Sleep much less? Perhaps there is something extremely wrong with my time management – a constantly niggling fear of mine. The food I make does us for a week. I feel I’m being efficient here, but right now I feel maybe this is foolishness.

Anyway, I’m wasting time. I’ll contemplate cooking less, in an effort to achieve more. Cooking, after all, achieves little more than momentary enjoyment. Too large a time cost, not enough payoff? Are other things I could do, ostensibly more valuable in the long-term, a better use of my time. The blueprint is that ultimately we must be content, possibly even happy. I have a feeling that somewhere in my head something is miswired, ultimately I must be just plain busy. With anything, to the point that perhaps my subconscious prioritises on busywork over effective work.

We must achieve. Effectiveness is key. But, without prescience, how much hope do we have of choosing to execute even semi-optimal long-term-productive actions? One thing is stupidly obvious: inactivity will achieve nothing. And to me inactivity is synonymous with passivity. But labelling something as passive is not always so easy. (Take TV for example: I don’t own one as a matter of quite thoroughly considered principle, but I’m not going to say it is absolutely passive and I often feel there is a facet of modern culture, social depth, and learning that I have chosen to ignore in this instance. I can see, and even regret, bad sides to every “good” decision I make.)

So, in short: I must do, Do, DO. In the hope my doing is valuable? Or perhaps just because doing is the ultimate excuse.
I could have, but I was busy.