Note: This entry has been restored from old archives.

I don’t know if birdflu is as much of a news item back home as it is here in the UK. The UK is in the position of being at the far west of Europe and watching the gradual westward spread of birdflu. Media scaremongering is high.

My observations of the news here leave me with one important point to make: Birds have wings you fucking twats. You know, they’re kind of known for their ability to fly. Never heard the phrase “as free as a bird”?

I don’t know who I’m directing that to, probably some government officials who are feeding a prepared statement to the media when they ask “what are you doing about this?”. Quarantining turkey farms? There are swans flying around with birdflu.

Time for swan-radar and depleted uranium swan eliminating rounds on jets. Surface to swan missiles?

Look, this is just the ecosystem’s way of killing off the weak. Get over it, or die.