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And Back Again

Note: This entry has been restored from old archives.

Touched down at LHR today (Monday June 11th) at 19:00. Yes, that’s more than 12 hours late! Yay!

Apparently the First Officer for our Bangkok to LHR flight came down with a sudden ear infection. As a result we got to spend the night in a Novotel near Bangkok airport. This wasn’t all too bad though, it was a fairly swanky place. No Thai stamps in the passport sadly, the process was that they took away our passports at immigration and gave us numbered cards as a replacement. We picked up the passports on our return from the hotel in the morning (I should say later that morning since we got to the hotel at 02:30).

A good couple of weeks. WA was relaxing. Sydney slightly less so, since it covered friends and work as well as family — but it was great to see everyone (well, almost) again.

We probably wont be back in Oz for another 18 months (So we can sync up with summer next time, and avoid gale-force winds and pelting rain in Sydney!).

More later, as time permits. Right now I’m halfway to being a zombie.