What do you get when you mix together failure to implement a reasonable backup scheme, hard-drive failure, and “oh, I thought it was supposed to be RAID-1”? A right pain in the bloody arse!

Gradually putting things back together – starting with the ale.gd site. I do have copies of all the entries I’ve written but they’re in a funny old format. I’m not using blosxom any more, I’d made a lot of customisations to the code and it seems I’ve lost half of them! So, trying wordpress – reluctantly. It has the advantage that it “just works”, a bonus as I don’t have much time for personal hacking. Sadly I also seem to have lost the photo album content. Not the actual photos, I have all of them backed up, but I’ve lost the commentary I’d added to the albums.

Ah – think of it like a house fire. It feels a bit like that. In fact, as far as personal data goes an actual house-fire would probably have been less damaging!

4 thoughts on “Kaput”

  1. Hi Yvan,
    I do check your website occasionally. Glad to see you are getting it back up, if not restored.

    So what happened with the disk failure “protected” by RAID-1 and losing everything?
    Hosted in a managed data center?
    I won’t ask too many questions as I don’t want to rub it in and make it any worse.

    I hope Kathlene and yourself are both well.

  2. Well, the RAID-1 thing was their fault. Somebody had forgotten to configure it, but my fault for never verifying it! Lack of recent backups entirely our own fault of course. We do have some backup history, it is just a bit old (never restored it after last moving the server.) I have 100% of my blog content, and all my photos at least – but have lost the “gallery” install and thus the photo links and photo comments.

    At the end of the day I just don’t have time to run a server properly any more – or write blog posts for that matter!

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