Powerless 2 (or 3)

Note: This entry has been restored from old archives.

There seems to be issues with the stability of the electron supply in our new street. I wrote a little while ago about an episode of daytime power absence. Yesterday morning there was another one. Then last night, at midnight, the electrons stopped again, and they were still making themselves scarce at 07:00. Annoyingly, this seems to be a problem with our particular street. The flow of power looks like it is working fine on nearby streets.

To escalate the joy, today it is grey and rainy. Like most of yesterday, the day before that, … Summer? Bah.

To make my morning worse I just observed a new coffee making abomination. I’m guessing it is part of the official Nero “way it is done.” In the morning new coffee is ground, good so far. But it is ground on top of old ground coffee from yesterday. Then the girl clicked out a bunch of the old coffee grounds into a cup. Good! Uh, wait… Oh no! It gets tipped into the top of the ground coffee holder! So, in a rough kind of way, the first several heads of “fresh ground” coffee for the day contain some of yesterday’s not-so-fresh coffee. The horror.

I should get myself a Rancilio Silvia ndash; but the fact is that these days I mostly go out for coffee just to get out of the house.