If only

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sigh A Grade I listed medieval fortified Manor House.

Nappa Hall

It actually seems cheap at 500k, of course nothing is really cheap at that sort of price, not for us plebs. OK, so it has damp problems, is mostly uninhabitable, in fact, it’s bordering on a ruin. So what, I say. Can’t let that get in the way of the dream.

It’s got looks, land, and history: “Mary Queen of Scots was once imprisoned in the house.”

I can imagine limiteless potential, alas, from my PoV the price may as well be limitless as well.

2 thoughts on “If only”

  1. It’s cheaper than a one bedroom apartment in Paddington 🙂

    Needs a tad more work, though.

    There’s something I’d move to England for. When I was wee lad back in high school my dream house was one of the stone churches, the tunnel from the church to the house would be expensive to construct though I suspect…

  2. Ah, an old church is also a good dream-home. And what is a home without a tunnel or two, cellars, crypts, maybe even dungeons.

    Right now I’d settle for a tin hut on top of a mountain though.

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