Talk Turd

Note: This entry has been restored from old archives.

I get my ‘net and phone from a company here in the UK called “Talk Talk” (which is a subsidiary of another company called Carphone Warehouse.) On moving to a new house the usual thing to do is call your provider and get them to sort out a transfer, so this I did. All the way back in April, on the 30th I think.

I was pleased that the phone line went live in the expected time. Right at the end of the window, but still OK.

Two weeks later I still have no ADSL though. The window was 2 weeks. So I call Talk Talk, get redirected to the same incorrect menu-navigation twice, and finally speak to someone from the correct team. After interminable breaks “on hold” I’m told the broadband will go live on the 22nd of June. The 22nd of June?!! The bloody what?

That’s almost a full two months between putting in the moving-home “order” and having the process completed. Yet, it only took two weeks to get the phone line connection. That’s 2 months without a proper Internet connection!

So, I’ve got to live another month with flaky 15-min-on 15-min-off 3G Internet. At least the 3G connection was enabled within an hour of me signing up at the shop! Maybe it is time I found a power point in the local pub (who have reliable wifi that I can use for free.)

I enjoyed my lunchtime today, how about you?