Commuting is Poo

Note: This entry has been restored from old archives.

Because I car-pool with two colleagues I tend to not leave town until 08:15 or even as late as 08:30. Then we trek on congested roads for around 45 minutes to get to work, in the worst cases more than an hour. Yesterday it took 30 minutes just to get from a roundabout on the outskirts of town to the office, this takes 5 minutes in good traffic but rarely takes less than 20 at around 09:00. Frankly, it is poo.

Today two of us left town at 07:00, not a problem for me on any day since I usually wake up at around 06:00 (05:00 today since it was a gym morning). So before leaving for work today at 07:00 I had time to pop out to the gym with Kit (the gym is part of the apartment complex, so very close), make porridge for us both, shower, have a cup of tea, pack lunch and gym kit for the day and browse over the nights emails from the US and AU, even replying to a couple. We left town at 07:00 and got to the office at 07:30! The office is nice and quiet and already I’ve got more done in the first hour of the day than I’d normally get done in the first two hours.

Unfortunately I think we probably can’t convince the third member of the car-pooling trio. Not car-pooling would be a bit of a drag, it’s nice not having to drive every day. Also nice saving around 25 quid in fuel costs a week (may as well catch the expensive train if not driving). 25 quid is a bottle of reasonable whisky and I’d rather be drinking it than feeding it to the car, not that I could drink a bottle of whisky per week!

So what to do? Must think on it over the weekend.

Another drag is that although I’d be getting to the office at 07:30 I think I’d still be leaving at 18:30. Which isn’t all that bad, back to typical Sydney hours really đŸ™‚ just starting and leaving earlier!

Another thought for the day: Windows Vista reminds me of KDE. I don’t like KDE. I’m GUI-retarded so that’s not saying much, I don’t like Gnome either and I use ion2 by preference. Funny though, since I recall that when KDE first came out it was always being accused of being too much like Windows.