Just Like Uni

Note: This entry has been restored from old archives.

My lordy, it’s just like Uni message boards šŸ™‚ And as usual Sam knows more.

At this time of the night after getting back from the local I’m not going to try to better any of that, and since it’s Sam it is probably foolish to try. Some points didn’t happen to apply to my “just now”, it’s is lucky my filenames had the decency to not contain spaces. Learnt something new about awk there, I fear my main weakness is sticking to the little I know until told off and given a better alternative! As for fmt, I didn’t know of an autoconf macro for getting to the thing (maybe it is so ubiquitous I shouldn’t need one), awk seems to be the defacto standard but these days bombing countries to death and sending in troops seems to be the defacto standard for making the world a better place, and nobody in their right mind actually thinks autoconf doesn’t kill puppies in its spare time.

Peter Weinberger? I never said he was the one I didn’t recognise! Sounds like a sausage in a bun to me… and means about as much šŸ˜‰ sam I am… not, actually, but Sam is so that’s okay I guess.

Shell scriptsi/aliases that do the job are so good, they save my poor old fingers, mine’s strangely called count and will soon probably be called add for both it’s accuracy and finger saving properties (I also have a count.pl that strangely does something completely different).

So much to learn…